Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Slimanger is about to erupt,
dealin with this workin world pukin every shade of corrupt,
I got no time for these arrogant fuckers, the hate is seething, bring the fuckin ruckus.
Same time, same channel, nasty vandals, think they too hot to fuckin handle.
Who ya know, not whatcha know, do another line of blow, lives always on show -
then the quiet ones, with real talent just breed more and more malcontent.
I spit hatebreed like I chef a meal, no fake, no fraud, I cook the real deal.
Maybe this place aint the right place to be, dwellin in Tdot with the whores, the lies, and the cheats. The Chef''s comin at with extraodinary heat, I'm the fuckin one beat.
So why am I broke and in dead last when I should be waving the flag at full fuckin mast.
Alright, I'm done, I've had my time bitch, it's just that this working class shit gives me a nasty fuckin itch.
I'm chill now, one love, but the next time, that's it man, death from above.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Everyone wants to be a fuckin Chef.

Since moving back, I have made a dilligent effort to find employment as a chef, but it seems now that even in the "higher end" restaurants, quality is sacrificed - or moved aside rather - for cheap expendable labour. I fought my way through lowly kitchen bitch positions for years already, and now that the majority of places are hiring or taking on cheap or FREE students, I am forced to search much longer for employment than someone with my qualifications should...EVER. I don't even know who I am speaking to about this 'cause nobody who reads this can help me. Anyway, these are my options, take a shitty fry cook postion just for money, or find someone who cares about what I know, not who I know, and are willing to pay me for the 10 plus years of experience I have.
Once again I must stress that this is fuckin BULLSHIT.