Monday, March 14, 2005

Intro to an endless ramble

For many years I have attempted to write a book but it has always been scribblings on napkins or random pieces of cardboard while sitiuated in the middle of nowhere waiting for the next potential ride to pass. So, it should be pretty obivious that these rants do not exist anymore. Now I will use and abuse the information superhighway to collect my thoughts and put down in a "proper manner". This will be an auto-biography of my life and the characters/roadside prophets which helped enlighten my narcotic/hallucinagenic ridden mind. There is no life lesson in the story. If you the reader finds something that inspires you - good on ya - but this is for me. I dedicate this endless ramble to the impoverished everywhere. The populus that was sectioned off into a class from birth with no real choice. The real people of this world and not of this world that have seen the light and know there is something terribly wrong going on. To my friends who only know me as Slim. And finally to Hunter S. Thompson, my writing inspiration. May he rest in peace after his corpse is fired out of cannon.
OK here goes nothing.... or something?


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